About #InstaEnglish

Teenagers crave novelty and instigating visual content to feed their curious minds when studying a second language. #InstaEnglish is the best way to stretch beyond the classroom environment and reach students’ minds and hearts, thanks to all its original and updated content. #InstaEnglish students will learn English in a very practical way, motivated by their desire to communicate in today’s cosmopolitan world, express their opinions, and expand their global knowledge even further.

Key Features

  • Balanced Scope and Sequence: clearly structured units, carefully graded grammar and vocabulary and all four skills equally covered in full compliance with the National Learning Standards (BNCC – Base Nacional Comum Curricular).
  • Instigating Visual Content: unit openings, vocabulary sections and review games supported by abundant visual resources that provide memorable learning.
  • Interactive Digital Content: 8 interactive activities in every unit for students to do and for teachers to keep track of their performance.
  • Culture: section in every unit highlighting an aspect of life in an English-speaking country, inviting students to learn about the world around them with authentic cultural references.
  • CLIL and Life Skills: CLIL sections with reading and listening activities that help students develop other areas of knowledge and interest; topical, teen-relevant life skills projects providing students with transferable 21st century skills.